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Virgin Mobile USA was a no-contract Mobile Network Operator. It used Sprint's network for coverage. It licensed the Virgin Mobile brand from United Kingdom-based Virgin Group. Virgin Mobile USA was headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, and provided service to approximately 6 million customers.


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Tier III Technical Support says

"They cut customer service down to the bone, making the escalations I had to deal with a complete nightmare."


"Hectic and way too many hours. Everything is a fire before it gets resolved. Upper Management talks about balanced work/life but doesn't deliver. Promises are provided but not lived up to."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Strategy changes almost weekly, work-life balance is not good, poor decisions made far too often."

Former Employee - Wireless Sales Representative says

"I did not get any of my commissions they are always lying the company doesn't care about you, they care about the sales you made"

Director says

"The C-Level executives work in their own silos looking out only for their own interest and do not reflect the best interests of the shareholders or employees. Virgin needs to spend money to market its products."

Marketing Manager says

"There was little to no communication between departments. IT was a nightmare to work with, but they've outsourced them now so perhaps that's gotten better. Your entire day would be spent sending emails to cover your a$$ - as it was constant "whose fault is this?" rather than focusing on making an awesome product/service. It was also located in the most boring area of NJ."


"senior management was very poor, short sighted people. compared to the size of the company the decisions made were not rational and impulsive. full of politics everywhere. in the rapidly changing mobile business segment, they failed to adjust to the environment with iphone and all the smart phones."

Current Employee - Product Manager says

"Sprint in charge highly conscious of titles. Directors and Managers aren't supposed to mix. Sprint's old school culture ruined how cool Virgin used to be."


"sprint owned and sprint just doesn't understand the brand"

Former Employee - Finance Manager says

"Not clearly connected with Sprint headquarter"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"This is the most unprofessional place I have ever worked for the staff and management sucks. You are a seat filler at this company. I wouldn’t refer a homeless person to apply for Iqor.NoneUnprofessional"

Sales Consultant (Current Employee) says

"This job offered me a management job at hire, signed paperwork for it. Did not hire me as a manger, cut my rate in half, and refused to promote me. The worst set of management, the worst experience in a job ever.slowpacedlies, unfilled promises, empty promises"

Mobile Expert (Former Employee) says

"I give this store 0 stars , the management is garbage , easily the worst place I've ever worked for. The current manager kayla is terrible at her job , the schedule would change daily with no notice regardless of when your day off was supposed to be and it would be held against you. the commission plan was awful and professionalism was not there.nonemanagement and low pay"

Mobile Expert (Current Employee) says

"They’re are so many things wrong with this company, they don’t pay you what you could get at a corporate store doing the exact same thing, not to mention these they are willing to go behind your back and do shady things such as reduce your hourly rate without notifying you all on top of unrealistic goals, they will sell you the world trying to get you to work here and I would strongly encourage you don’t Jobs isn’t hardManagement, compensation, work life balance"

Customer Service Representative Expert (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for three years. At first, it was a great place to work until somebody decided to cut costs and make a team of experts and overwork the employees! A typical day consists of wear every hat you are everyone, research, sales, tech support,etc. Not to mention Tmoblie has the worst customers on the planet not all of them but a fair amount of them, people with bad credit living outside there means and basically broke and think service is free. I also worked for at&t this company doesn't want to be liked like T-mobile. But you will respect them and pay them. Never in my life have I felt so overworked underappreciated, disrespected than when I work for T-mobile. Don't apply you will regret it! Dead end job period!75% of serviceTeam of Experts to much work"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"There shouldn't be coaches harassing a good worker.doing coaching with this worker each day trying to belittle and intimidate them so they can quit there job. Better yet just be straight forward and tell them you don't like them. And human resources should be able to assist the workers when they complaint about certain coaches and they have multiple complaints do Something about it instead of giving the coaches more power to do as they want with the good workers."

Lead Retail Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Management definitely suck do not work at the Dekalb il location on sycamore rd manager all he cares about is himself always leave work whenever he wants and lie so much. He never want to talk to customer when they ask for him employees have to do everything for him. MoneyPoor management and bad environment"

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worse environment to work for. There is very little room for advancement. I was way more dependable and qualified than most of the management there. They write you up for every little thing. Managers would be late repeatedly, and nothing would happen. Too much favoritism in the company and do as I say not as I do.Good hoursSlave driving management and horrible advancement opportunities"

Run far away those people are poisoned (Former Employee) says

"Very rude during the interview wasted my time a bunch of nonsense selling scenes you have to do for 8 dollars an hour. No thanks, them two managers guys not the business one was abrasive and domineering and the other young one was very immature and naive how do interview with your leg cocked up on the wall or whatever it was. I got away from that place.I dodged a bulletI dodged a bullet"

Mobile Expert (Former Employee) says

"The day you leave training, you aren't worth the money they put into you because they've changed everything, and what you JUST learned in training is obsolete. During the first wave of covid, they did pay full salary plus commission, for a month. Then it dropped. And then stopped. They aren't really requiring masks. They haven't stuck to madates at all, they aren't deep cleaning often. Management basically says "g you" when you need emergency leave, or something comes up. The culture is very cult like, and the employees claim to "bleed magenta". It is frightening, and customers have commented on the cult like culture surrounding it, not favorably.the customersbasically everything"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"NOt a happy place to be working at I rather work and get paid less but at a place that I really enjoy and not be stressed like this place.Glad they out of business"

Customer Service Representative/Keyholder (Former Employee) says

"Management (who is responsible for training) rushed through training and then doesn't understand why you cant understand procedure. For example..closing the store since they just want to go home the do it themselves. You dont get paid enough to deal with mean customers."

Customer Service Chat Representative (Current Employee) says

"TERRIBLE THE WORST PLACE TO WORKMANAGEMENT IS A JOKE AND THERES A BULLY ENVIRONMENT. Don’t do itThe management doesn’t have a clue about what goes on! They only hire certain types of people in management NoneTerrible Training"

District Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Expectations from the top aren't clear and execution at the ground level is poor with no accountability- as a district manager, I should've been permitted to dismiss disruptive and underperforming employees and was not. It was a terrible environment that pays less than a store manager position with most other carriers. I do not recommend.Pay"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Poor management, too much gossiping, no support, no Hr support. Favourites are always given priority. It is not a nice working environment due to management and the higher up people who really have no clue about anything, just walk around like they are important"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Your higher ups are all remote. You literally work alone all day which is concerning because people are known to rob phone stores . Faulty internet . What should take 3-4 minutes take 10-20 minutes . When asking for Help with internet you’re told to call the provider and troubleshoot mind you- you’re alone to operate the store trying to assist customers & you have to be on the phone with the service provider . No structure. Lunch breaks .... HA. You are discouraged from taking one .Weekly payNo help . High expectations from managers ."

Tankstellenmitarbeiterin (Former Employee) says

"Man wird kurz vor Ende der Probezeit gekündigt. Der Chef hat über Mitarbeiter gelästert bei anderen Kollegen. Die Kollegen waren teilweise auch sehr hinterlistig und haben schlecht über einen geredet, wovon der Chef sich manipulieren lassen hat. Das Arbeitsumfeld war unzumutbar, man musste viele Dinge tun um Geld einzusparen. Immer wieder wurde genörgelt, wenn ein paar cm Wasser nach Schichtende in den Kannen gefehlt haben. Teilweise 10 Stunden Schichten die immer wieder mit undankbarkeit beurteilt wurden. Da gibt es noch so viel mehr..Entspannte Schichten, da man ohne Kollegen durch die Schicht kommtAlles was oben genannt wurde.."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Horrible experience they are not a company who cares about you or tour goals only selling stuffs for the customers and they will suck your soul out of you if they need it to sell more."

Basket weaver (Former Employee) says

"Not much to conplain about bow because its gone. No one cares about this place now. I’m glad its Tmobile now. They made the sales culture impossible at this companyNothingBothing"

Credit Analyst II (Former Employee) says

"From the date of hire they will lie through their teeth. They will hire you on with false promises of this big Sprint family with, various opportunities for advancement. You take the job and work in the office it's completely disgusting. The manager's and supervisor's are incompetent and morally bankrupt. The play favoritism and allow the workforce team to do so as well in a discriminating manner. They will ban together to illegal find ways to try to fire you by sabotaging work, and making your environment overall uncomfortable in which you will loathe to come to work. During the company buyout they started to secretly change peoples stats so that they wouldn't receive bonuses or be hired into T mobile. They also promised job security and what do you know many of Sprints work force will be terminated by August. To be honest most that work for Sprint are under qualified and are extremely rude to customer's which is why most people hate the company. T mobile won't be any better unless they terminate most of Sprint's management team as well as it's supervisor's. Also, let's not get on the harassment that goes on at that place.. I'm glad I found a better job when I did, I might be out of work do to them keeping that a secret. BEWARE!!!NoneEverything!!!"

David says

"A elderly friend has this service and she called me for help, because there are no customer support agents to talk with, just a toll-free automated system. She has a message on her phone "Invalid account error" and also "JavaScript is disabled in your browser." I have tried to help her, but the Virgin Mobile USA website is pathetic and offers nothing that will help. She is now looking for another cell phone service."